Asylum Seeker Support Fund

Please join the West African Community Council (WACC) in supporting our asylum-seeking neighbors in the Seattle area. Our Asylum Seeker Assistance Fund gives direct cash assistance to those awaiting the approval of their asylum applications but who are ineligible for other public benefits and not authorized to work. Asylum provides protection to those whose lives are at risk due to persecution in their home country through the ability to remain and one day become a citizen in this country.
Asylum applicants must often wait years before receiving a decision in their case and are ineligible for any public benefit until their case is approved. In the past, asylum seekers were only eligible to receive authorization to work six months after submitting their application for asylum—the Trump Administration has now changed this waiting period to a year and barred many from receiving work authorization at all. Many asylum seekers struggle to make ends meet during this waiting period, relying on what little support they may be able to find or at worst ending up on the street or in a shelter. Many have experienced terrible abuses or torture and are dealing with the effects of trauma. We believe persons in this situation should be supported and given the means to await their legal process in safety and dignity. The more you can give, the more of a meaningful grant we will be able to provide to asylum seekers. Recurring gifts will also allow us to ensure support to asylum seekers throughout their waiting period. Please help us to provide this support today.


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WACC Asylum Seeker Support Fund

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