Community Empowerment

Community Empowerment

Help Me Grow Program

Help Me Grow is one of our current community outreach and empowerment initiatives to strengthen support systems for families, and increase access to developmental screening for immigrant youth. Over the years, we’ve found that developmental, behavioral, and/or emotional needs of African immigrant children often go undetected or unaddressed until a child struggles in childcare, school, or in their relationships. Families have reported that the existing tools and resources for child screening and early intervention for our community are limited and unaccommodating both linguistically and bureaucratically.

Through our multilingual and multicultural lens, we aim to connect over 200 African immigrant families to child screening services and support systems. Through this program, families can ensure their children’s success in school and life, while working together with people they trust.

Fair Labor Standards Advocacy

The West African Community Council (WACC) partners with the City of Seattle’s Office of Labor Standards (OLS) to provide outreach, education and technical assistance to Seattle’s workers about their rights under Seattle’s Minimum Wage, Wage Theft, Paid Sick and Safe Time, and Fair Chance Employment, Secure Scheduling Ordinances, as well as the Hotel Employees Health and Safety Initiative.

For successful implementation of Seattle’s labor standards, workers must understand their rights and businesses must fulfill their obligations. While all workers are at risk for workplace violations, data shows that low-wage workers experience the highest rates of workplace violations.
Demographic populations most likely to occupy low-wage jobs and experience workplace violations include female workers, workers of color, immigrant and refugee workers, LGBTQ workers, workers with disabilities, and youth workers.

Program Goals:
i. Increase workers’ knowledge and understanding of the rights provided by Seattle’s labor standards through methods that are community centered, culturally relevant, accessible, and language specific.
ii. Expand worker’s access to resources to enforce, or otherwise resolve, labor standards violations.
iii. Build capacity among community organizations and service providers to provide labor standards services and information to a diverse range of workers, including low-wage earners, people of color, and immigrants and refugees
iv. Foster increased collaboration with OLS and community organizations serving Seattle’s workers.
v. Collaborate with other City of Seattle Departments, including but not limited to the Department of Neighborhoods, Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs, and Human Services Department.

Youth Committee Program

Our Youth Committee Program is a West African Community Council initiative, designed to give West African immigrant and refugee youth the critical skills needed to secure higher wage jobs in today’s competitive job market. We offer computer classes, English as a Second Language, training and job referrals, resource navigation, and provide an environment where youth can come together to design real solutions to the challenges and barriers they face.