Our Team

Issa Ndiaye – Executive Director and Founder

Issa’s professional career and personal life have been focused on early education, leadership, and public service. Issa is the founder and Executive Director of the West African Community Council (WACC). He is also a Commissioner with the King County Immigrant and Refugee Commission. 

As a dedicated public servant, advocate, and leader, Issa founded the WACC, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide social services and immigration assistance to the West African, immigrant, and refugee communities. As a fluent speaker of French, Wolof, and English, he has personally served hundreds of immigrants, refugees, and asylees apply for visas, green cards, work permits, and naturalization with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.  

As an immigrant having grown up in Senegal, West Africa and later immigrating to the United States, Issa believes that success is not solely measured financially, but also through relentlessly giving a helping hand to others — family members, friends, neighbors, and community members – so, them too can achieve similar educational and/or professional momentum. Issa first received his Associates degree from North Seattle Community College. He then went on to receive his Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Puget Sound. He later received his Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Washington. He had served for nine years as Senior Management Analyst with the federal government – Office of Inspector General. In the many years that he has lived in Washington State, Issa has built a home and support system here and is dedicated to serving the immigrant and refugee communities in King County.  

Our Board

Our Board of Directors is comprised of West African immigrants who know first hand what it’s like to navigate King County as a newly arrived citizen. Their courage and resilience has created opportunity and made them trusted voices and leaders of the West African community. Our board fully represents the West African and the refugee and immigrant population, and they are committed to improving outcomes for the future of our community and culture here in the greater Seattle area.