We are committed to providing services that are culturally appropriate, linguistically accessible, and respectful.

Early Learning & Family Services

We offer a range of multicultural and bilingual programs including early education, child health and development screenings, home visiting programs, parent support groups, and other resources to ensure our children get access to quality education.

Immigration Legal Services

Our team of attorneys and representatives guide clients through complicated legal processes including defense from deportation, citizenship, work authorization, applications for asylum, and more at little to no charge.

Housing & Employment Services

We help Washington State workers learn about their rights in the workplace, and provide resources that help clientele successfully overcome employment barriers.

Emergency Relief Programs

In the wake of an extremely difficult year, we are doing everything we can to support our community. Our emergency relief programs now include covid-19 vaccine registration, food distribution, and resource navigation.

Full List of all Program and Services


For children ages 16 months-3 years
Home Visits | ADL Language | Child Development Screenings

ParentChild+ is a home visiting program that connects families with a parent educator who is able to help families locate and utilize helpful resources that create the best possible outcomes for children.

Program Coordinator
Assita Sako

West African Family Preschool

For children ages 3-5
Multi-cultural | Bilingual | Seattle Preschool Program

West African Family Preschool is an all-day, affordable preschool program that uses Seattle’s Department of Early Education and Learning’s best practices to ensure children have access to the highest quality early education, and are equip to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Early Learning Director
Aicha Parkouda

Parenting Caregiver Information & Support

For families with children ages 0-5
Advocacy | Court Navigation | Resource Navigation | Case Management

Parenting Caregiver Information & Support provides families with resources and tools which help get their children the best possible education. Our team of specialists also help families to overcome barriers that make navigating the school system difficult.

Program Manager
Habone Abdi Ahmed

Help Me Grow

For families with children ages 0-5
Child Development Screenings | School System Advocacy | Resource Navigation

Help Me Grow is an early intervention program which offers free child development screenings and school district referrals so that children are placed into an environment that is best suited for their needs, and they can reach their highest potential in and outside of the classroom.

Program Manager
Aicha Biaye

Positive Family Connections

For families with youth ages 11-17
Parent & Caregiver Workshops | Monthly Support Groups | Case Management

Positive Family Connections helps strengthen relationships between youth and parents to reduce risk behaviors in youth and teens, through shared cultural experiences and exposure, increased developmental understanding and increased parent/youth engagement.

Program Manager
Adja Sakho

Available to anyone who needs food
Food Distribution

Putting food on the table for the King County immigrant and refugee families who need it most. We distribute 6-8 pallets of food every other Thursday at our main headquarters, located at 6322 44th Ave S.

Program Manager
Tidiane Diallo

Available to anyone over the age of 16
COVID-19 Vaccine Registration | Multi-lingual Support | Resource Referral

Providing priority access to COVID-19 vaccines for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in the greater Seattle area.

Program Manager
Grant Lyons

Tenants Rights

For all Washington State tenants
Advocacy | Resource Referral

Ensuring tenants understand their rights and are not being taken advantage of by landlords.

Program Manager
Habone Abdi Ahmed

Fair Labor Standards

For all Washington State workers
Advocacy | Resource Referral

Ensuring Washington State workers understand their rights and are not being taken advantage of by their employers.

Program Manager
Adja Sakho

Immigration Legal Services

Immigration Legal Assistance | Legal Navigation Assistance

Helping immigrant and refugee families with legal support and services at low or no-cost.

Legal Director
Steven Denton